Who We Are

Opportunity. Global. Impacting. Relational. The heartbeat of our church today is the same as when the church was started many years ago. Our desire is to help lead people to be credible examples of faith in Jesus Christ. We do have a lot to offer at Kirby Church but the core essence of our story is to help people have a personal and meaningful relationship with the Son of God, Jesus Christ. 

The first service at Kirby Church was held on November 6, 1954. The church sat on the corner of Brooklyn and Kirby (from which we get our name) in Detroit. The first pastor of Kirby was Rev. James B. Varney. Seventeen people were present for that service. He was pastor for nearly forty years. 

In October 1993, the church called Pastor Mike to be it's second and current pastor. He is from Dayton, Ohio, his wife Terry is from Georgia and they have three boys, Benjamin, Byron and Blake. 

Don Myers came to Kirby in 1995. He serves as the Worship Pastor of Kirby. He and his wife, Amy have a beautiful girl, Abigail and a wonderful boy, Austin. 

The Free Will Baptist denomination is a fellowship of evangelical believers united in spreading the witness of Jesus Christ and the building up of his Church throughout the World. 

The basic doctrine: 

* That salvation was received by faith. 

* That salvation was provided for all men. 

* That salvation is a personal choice because it is God's desire that all men be saved. 

Today the movement has grown into the 17th largest denomination. Free Will Baptists have over 2,600 churches in 44 states and are involved in mission outreach in 10 countries. Free Will Baptists have the headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee, as well as a college and publishing company. 

This is now the most exciting time of our church's history. We are in the beginning stages of planning for future expansion on our present site, expanding strategic partnership with other mission points around the world, and enhancing our youth programs to help instill the Biblical values of love, honor, respect and living by the principles of Christ. 

We are proud to partner with a ministry called “Wounded Heart”. This is a marriage and family enrichment ministry that offers individual counseling, seminars, small group interaction with on and offsite learning opportunities. Jeff Caldwell leads this ministry and we are glad to partner with him. 

This is a very exciting season for us. Change. Transition. New challenges and dreams. The good news is that, even though times change, the gracious love of God never changes! We will be taking more steps of faith on this incredible journey of faith. Come and join us.