Kirby Church Life Groups 2019

 Life Groups exist to empower the people of Kirby Church to build community and foster spiritual growth. Whether you are reading through a Bible Study together, serving together, or sharing a common interest, our Life Groups are the place where life change happens. In times of need and times of fun, Kirby Life Groups are your source of friendship and support. They are key to developing connections with those who share your interests or people who are dealing with similar life issues. Life groups are an opportunity to reach out to others, while growing in your walk with the Lord. Groups meet weekly or biweekly in various locations. You will never fully experience all that Kirby Church has to offer until you connect in a small group!


“Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Messiah.”Acts 5:42



Tot Spot Infant

This is a wonderful place for kids to begin their adventure in learning about Jesus! This is a warm, secure and loving environment for children from birth to 2 years.

Leaders:Laura McClelland


When:Sundays @ 9:30 & 11:00 am

Where:Kirby Church Anthony Wing


Tot Spot Toddler

This is an active place during each weekend service, where 2-3-year old experience hands-on activities to begin to lay a spiritual foundation. Love and fun make learning meaningful in Tot Spot!

Leaders:Laura McClelland


When:Sundays @ 9:30 & 11:00 am  

Where:Kirby Church Anthony Wing


4 and 5-Year-Old

Leaders:Yolanda Sorrell  & Scott & Missy Satterfield

When:Sundays @ 9:30 am

Where:Kirby Church Room W105



God has given your 1st& 2ndgrader the ability to absorb knowledge in amazing ways. The teachers of this class seek to capitalize on your child’s ability to retain knowledge. You will be amazed at what your child learns. 

Leaders:Sue Anthony & Linda Harden

When:9:30 am

Where:Kirby Church Room W106


3rd-4thGrade Life Group

At this age, your child’s personality development is starting to peek. Allow the 3rdand 4thgrade class to be an influence in your child’s life as they discover who they are and who God means for them to be.

Leaders:Roger & Keri Gurganus, Lanae Hoffman, & 

Collin Finch

When:11:00 am Where:Kirby Church Room W106


5th-6thGrade Life Group

The DAWGs (Disciples of an Awesome God) know how to have a great time! Your child’s final years in children’s ministry will not be soon forgotten with all the wonderful things they will learn about Christ.

Leaders:Brian & Cheryl Verner      


Where:Kirby Church Room W107



Ignite Junior High (teens 7th– 8thgrade)

There’s more to life than the latest crush or the newest movie. Get involved in something bigger than yourself. Make a difference in this world! Have fun, build lasting friendships and learn amazing Biblical principles. Learn just how real God is in your life!

Leaders:Chris & Lindsay Fowler / Jeff & Amber Kemp  

When:9:30 am

Where:Kirby Church Room W103


Impact Senior High

Teens 9ththrough 12thgrade get together to discuss and sometimes even debate many of life’s current issues. We apply principles learned in God’s word to decipher what is best for our lives today.

Leaders:Jeremy Sorrell & Erica Miller

When:9:30 am

Where:Kirby Church Room W102




This lively 50+ group enjoys the study of God’s word through Randall House studies. They enjoy getting together, taking trips and serving together outside of class, doing cooking for Christ Net and other events. 

Leader:Perry Wilson & Robert Carter

When:9:30 am

Where:Kirby Church Room A127


Salt’N Light

Leader:Tim Bondy       


Where:Kirby Church Room A121


The Edge

Adults 20’s to early 50’s whose children are school age, this is an ideal group. We are using D6 curriculum as our study guide. 

Leaders:Matt McClelland

When:9:30 am

Where:Kirby Church Room W101



J2 is the only multi-generational Life Group and is a great place to start to connect at Kirby. We normally do 6 - 8 week studies based on discussion within the group and where the Lord leads. We use different books and video teaching aids on a wide range of topics. 

Leaders:Scott Patterson


When:11:00 am

Where:Kirby Church Room A121



For those 45-55 whose children are nearly adults, this is an ideal group. The primary style of Bible study is book by book.

Leaders:Gerard Memering & Bob Halcomb /  

When:11:00 am

Where:Kirby Church Room A127


Young Adults

Description:  For young adults 18-30 looking for solid Christian community and network of peers to encourage one another and worship/fellowship together.

Coordinator: Crystal Sears

Leader:  Jarrod & Maria Points     

When:9:30 am

Where:Kirby Church Room A128


Young Married

Description:  For newly married couples.  This is a group that is open to grow and do life together.  Variety of topic

Leader:  Corey & Katie Memering


When:11 am

Where:Kirby Church, Wilson Wing

Emmaus Table

Description:  This life group meets in the homes of members every other week for fellowship, Bible study and prayer and food!  

Leaders:Steve & Laura Draper

When:Alternate Saturdays, 7 pm

Where:Homes of group members. Email for more information or specific location.


Monday Morning Ladies Life Group

Leader:Becky Depaulis


When:Monday’s 10:00am – Noon

Childcare provided

Where:Kirby Church


Men’s Bible Study

This group is for men who desire to improve their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We know we are nothing without Christ and if we’re to grow, we need each other. To study. To be accountable. To glorify God.

Leaders:Scott Patterson / Jeff Kemp  

When:Every other Monday @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Where:12625 Exeter Rd, Carleton, MI 48117


DIGG IT (Delighting In God’s Grace and In Truth

This group meets monthly for bible study, prayer, and fellowship.

Leaders:Keith Ratliff / Gerard Memering               

When:Monthly, Sunday evenings at 5 pm

Where:Locations rotate. Email debbie7736@gmail.comfor specific location.


Hospitality Dream Team

This group arrives early to make sure every area of the building is ready for Sunday services. After the services, they do a final pick up and walk through the facility. 

Leaders:Randy & June Alford   

When:Sunday’s 8 am

Where:Kirby Church Room A125



Interested in working with lights, sound, cameras, recording, video and computer imaging? They enhance the worship experience while serving.

Leader:Jenson Smith  

When:9:30 am

Where:Kirby Church


Worship Band

This is a group of dedicated musicians that enjoys serving the church through their artistic musical talents. If you are a competent musician and would enjoy using your musical gifts for the Lord, then consider this group.

Leader:Don Myers  

When:times and dates vary

Where:Kirby Church Stage


Worship Team

This group of vocalists enjoys serving the church through their artistic vocal abilities. If you are a gifted vocalist and enjoy leading people in worship, then consider this group.

Leader:Don Myers  

When:times and dates vary

Where:Kirby Church Stage


Prayer Dream Team

Prayer is vital to our spiritual growth as individuals and to the growth of our church. The Kirby Prayer Dream Team serves by praying thru each of our Sunday morning services. Team members typically serve one Sunday per month. 

Leader:Dennis Messer

When:Sunday Mornings

Where:Kirby Church


Cleaning Dream Team

Every week a dedicated team of people serve to keep our building clean and presentable. They also serve before or after big events. This group is for those who love to serve behind the scenes.  

Leader:Bob Carter

When:Thursday and Friday, weekly

Where:Kirby Church


Usher Dream Team

Every Sunday morning this group serves the church in the auditorium, welcoming, smiling, and assisting people walking into the services.

Leader:Matt McClelland

When:9:15 am & 10:45 am


Greeter Dream Team

Love to meet new people and welcome old friends? If you have a pleasant disposition and love people, then check out this group.

Leader:Joe & Linda Helisek   

When:Sunday’s 9:00 am

Where:Kirby Church Lobby


Drama (Acting Up)

Drama is a powerful element in our services. Call Bob if you like acting, stage work, or assisting behind the scenes. Learn, laugh and serve together.

Leader:Bob Joly  

When:Times vary

Where:Kirby Church